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With over 21 years of legal experience, our risk management skills underpin our governance, compliance and legal risk management expertise. We offer our clients an integrated legal service covering conveyancing and property law. Our turnaround times are quick: we strive to finalise our transfers in 45 days as opposed to the industry norm of 90 days.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVES - We believe in giving back to the community. Being lawyers, we understand the legal ramifications of dying intestate. Accordingly, we offer a Free Wills Week, where we assist members of the community in drafting their wills for free

Who we are

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with expert legal services that are exceptional, timeous and cost ef-fective. Mkhize Miya Attorneys Inc achieves its mission by focusing on its clients, demonstrating a strong work ethic, and by living its core values of accountability, self-discipline and responsibility. We are dedicated to developing committed young professionals through continuous training, skills and self-development including exposure to specialised areas of law. Our mission is aligned with government initiatives geared at women empowerment

Our Values

• At Mkhize Miya Attorneys Inc, we believe that our core values make us the trusted legal business partner for all our clients.
• We are committed to providing quality, cost-effective and exceptional services.
• We strive for excellence in our provision of services and we diligently attend to our clients by being proactive.
• Through our focus on accountability, innovative solutions and client care, we are committed to continually maintain our clients’ trust.

Our Vision

To be the best commercial legal practice in South Africa and recognised as your preferred legal risk management business partner.


Our firm is headed by two dynamic, driven young women, Nomfuneko Mkhize and Lulama Miya, who are making headway in a previously male-dominated profession.


Nomfuneko has an LLB from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and is an admitted attorney with 16 years of practice experience in the legal profession. She has deep experience in town planning and property law, local government and administrative law. Nomfuneko has obtained Post-Graduate Diploma in Risk Management through the University of South Africa. She is passionate about the field of business management and legal compliance.

Currently, Nomfuneko is a member of Umsunduzi Municipal Planning Tribunal, Uthungulu South Joint Municipal Planning Tribunal, Ray Nkonyeni Joint Municipal Planning Tribunal and Endumeni Municipal Planning Tribunal.


Lulama has an LLB from the University of Kwa Zulu-Natal and a Certificate in Legislative Drafting from the University of Johannesburg. She is an admitted attorney, conveyancer and notary public with over 12 years’ experience in the legal profession.

Currently, Lulama heads conveyancing, property and notarial services. She has expertise in dealing with property transfers, sale of land, registration of bonds, servitudes and notarial contracts. She is experienced in drafting commercial contracts and local government legislation. Lulama shares Nomfuneko’s commitment to continuous education and personal growth and is always striving for balance and excellence.

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